Woolapack is an all-natural insulation liner for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products in the food industry. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam (commercial name for Extruded Polystyrene Foam), which stands as its biggest competitor. Not only that it that performs as well as Styrofoam of the same thickness, but it is cheaper and unlike EPS it is completely curbside recyclable. Welcome to the future of packaging!


Even though it’s not commonly known, wool is quite unique in its properties. It is antimicrobial, hygroscopic, it can keep produce either hot or cold, depending on the requirements; it’s even fire resistant and can soak up 30% of its own without feeling wet. Amazing, right? All these characteristics make it the best all-season natural insulator on Earth.


Wool is the key to our product, but we still needed to additionally protect it and increase the number of times it could be reused. After some research, we came to the simplest, but the technologically challenging solution – paper!

Paper is the most reusable consumer-based product in the world – able to be used for making new paper products up to 30 times. It’s flexible and durable and provides wool with a protective layer allowing it to perform at its best for longer.

Even though we are very proud of the results achieved, we strive to constantly upgrade our main product and product line, aiming to provide the best performance and service to our customers, while keeping our environment safe from harmful wastes.


The product came to be an innovative mix of traditional materials and know-how with new technologies. It consists of all-natural materials – wool & paper, along with a thin protective film, which is completely recyclable and biodegradable. Woolapack can completely biodegrade within a year from disposal in real-world conditions, in contrast to Styrofoam that requires anywhere between 500 and 5000 years to biodegrade depending on the environmental conditions. Based on the results conducted during product testing, our product performs as well as Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, maintaining the temperature inside of the transport box between 2-7℃ for up to 72h. Such superior insulation properties mean that fewer ice packs are needed to maintain the temperature and more produce can be sent by a single shipment. Last but not least, Woolapack is designed with circularity in mind. After its useful life is over, Woolapack can be converted into various new products – ranging from artistic applications, household items to raw materials for the production of other goods, making it a perfect solution for a more sustainable future.

Recycling and second life

Great thing about Woolapack is that it can be reused as many as 30 times. When its product life is over, it doesn’t have to be thrown in a landfill, even though it won’t stay there for long. Since Woolapack is made from all-natural materials, we advise our customers to properly dispose of the product by recycling it. However, you should know that both wool and paper offer opportunities to be used in a variety of ways after initial use.

Standard Box sets

Woolapack Insulated box set (Incl.Liners)
A Woolapack Insulated box set is made of a strong, robust outer cardboard box, containing two of our insulating Wool Liners. It is a flexible and practical packaging solution for transportation of food.

Woolapack wool liners

Our liners can be also purchased on their own. Enhance your existing packaging with top of a line insulation system. Ensure you maintain the uninterrupted cold chain throughout your delivery.

Wool Insulation liner set ensures your produce stays hot or cold for up to 72 hours ensuring the cold chain stays uninterrupted.

35x35x35cm & 35x35x17.5cm


Woolapack is completely customizable. We care about our client’s needs and our team offers them full support in meeting their requirements. We take into account your packaging size, required thermal profile, shipping logistics and custom printing – all included in the product price!

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We are a group of like-minded individuals that gathered around a common goal – a more sustainable future through personal engagement. The company was established in 2019, in Belgrade, Serbia, following a successful campaign against Styrofoam pollution (find out more at Continuing the efforts achieved during the campaign, as a company, we focused our efforts on battling plastic pollution by providing a viable and sustainable alternative to Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) in the temperature-controlled logistics.


Our mission is to prove that ecological packaging solutions are financially viable and commercially applicable on the existing packaging market.


To achieve great things, you have to aim high. That is why our company’s focuses our efforts and ideas on creating a sustainable packaging solution that will one day completely eradicate Styrofoam from everyday use.

Our team


Nikica Marinkovic

A business developer with 15 years of relevant experience in the agricultural sector and entrepreneurship. During those 15 years, he worked as a Project manager at GIZ, providing support for local Serbian communities and founded another successful startup in the organic food delivery sector. That allowed him to gain insights regarding the main issues in the food and packaging industries and motivated him to create a solution that would help in resolving them.
He gathered a well-structured team from diverse backgrounds, along with a reliable network of experts and consultants to turn his idea into reality.


Petar Pedja Grubor

Is an experienced Manager with 15 years of relevant and proven experience in production companies. Petar has worked in the process industry in a variety of positions, from administration, import, export, procurement, sales, marketing, contracting. He was also the executive and led and coordinated the entire company and its entire production and technological process. He led teams of about 30 employees.
Sales & Logistic Officer

Miodrag Milošević

Graduated at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Worked as a Project manager in the Freight industry where he acquired extensive experience in international logistics. Founder of several NGO organizations specializing in sustainable development with 15 years of experience.


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